Services Provided

Software Services

Reifier Soft provides you with a complete range of solutions facing the ever growing Technologies and market challenges. We use the best and apt technologies to create a solution that makes a perfect solution. Our developers are highly aware of the threat and hold expertise in their respective areas. With their ability to apply their deep knowledge and expertise, they provide our clients with effective and efficient solutions.

  • We did Management information system for schools and colleges.
  • We are developing MIS for Transportaion System using Java and Sql Server.
  • We did billing software for shops and hospitals.
  • We are also doing applications for attendance for corporate world.


We follow our own Software development Model and our model was developed with the experiance gained throughout this years and we find positive results in using our model.

Steps Involved

Our Model is similar to Waterfall model and we developed out model considering it in mind.

  • Analyze
  • Find Solution
  • Approval
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launching
  • Support

Our Model supported us to complete many task and this is not the final model but.

Website Development

Reifier website development team is a combination of experienced developer and designer. The websites we make is tailor made or custom website template which reflects the idea or the theme of our clients. Our creation is elegant and reflects the context crystal clear.

What we do?

We got out Custom template developed by our team based on the Category or line of business. And according to the requirement of the client we customise the theme. It minimizes turn around time and ensures quality.

Giving life to our Client’s idea is our main motto we believe in making dream come true website without compromising security and the website we make reflects the ideas of our client’s business theme and our promise is that we don’t clone or modify other websites or web-frame

Our Services

  • WebSite Development
  • Designing Services
  • Bespoke web development services
  • Website Cloning
  • Ecommerce website
  • Social Networking & Auction Sites.

Our Team force is dedicated and skilled to accomplish the project with efficiency and effective in the given timelines.

Our Team develop website using Html 5 and CSS 3 with java script and jquery, bootstrap, php and mysql combinations.

Web Application

Reifier website Application development is the our main focus and in this section we develop application that gives a perfect solution to the problem.


Web Application is not a complete replacement to the software application but for small and medium scale industries requirement will be small for them web application is the solution with minimal cost and it is effective. So web application solves the problem.

Web Application is simple yet effective.

Our products

  • Conversion Tool
  • Validation Tool
  • MIS Tools
  • Edu-Plus
  • School Diary
  • School Mail


We use Reifier Model same as software Developing model which includes

  • Requirement gathering
  • finding solution
  • getting Approval
  • designing
  • implementing
  • testing
  • launching


Data Processing involves all the steps necessary to convert data into electronic format. We provide our customers with accurate and unique Data Processing services. Different types of Data Processing services that Reifier Software Solutions offers include:

  • Data Processing
  • Forms Processing Transaction Processing
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Check Processing
  • Image Processing
  • OCR Cleanup
  • Data Conversion Services
  • E - Publishing

A pioneer in offering data conversion services, we have the expertise and capacity to handle your most complexes, time-critical and cost-sensitive data conversion projects and deliver comprehensive data conversion services to suit all your corporate needs. In addition, we can help you too clearly define your conversion requirements and develop the appropriate conversion methods.

We offers wide spectrum of modern data conversion tools that sets us apart from the scores of other data conversion service providers. We provide all kinds of data conversion services such as:

  • Document conversion
  • XML conversion
  • HTML conversion
  • Book conversion
  • PDF conversion

Our services help you to refine your document conversion strategy, identify document redundancy, extract metadata, and transform legacy and future documents for your real needs of the present and the future.